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Interim Executives
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What does Interim Executive Management (IEM) offer that sets it apart from alternative resourcing strategies?

We view our offering as complementary to both permanent executive recruitment and consultancy. So, what is the difference?  And can IEM become a valuable part of your organisation’s resourcing arsenal?

Interim Executives should not to be confused with contractors and freelancers as they provide - in addition to delivering your key initiatives -  leadership and mentoring.

And, although they certainly advise and provide strategic direction. Interim’s are not consultants.  Rather, Interim Executives are distinguished by being ‘hands-on’, delivering, and creating a structure for your permanent staff. For the duration of their assignments they will be part your organisation and report directly to you.   They do not owe their loyalty to another employer.

They do not, as a general rule, choose to become permanent, although their roles can last up to 2 years, depending on client requirements.  Interim Executives often assist in selecting a permanent successor.

The situations best suited to deployment of Interim Executives are times of change, growth or shrinkage.  As this applies to the majority of organisations at different times, there is great market potential for better use of Interims.  The Institute of Interim Management estimates the size of the UK market to be c. £500m with the European market at c. 750m euros.  Sustained growth is predicted to be about 15%. Whereas an Ipsos Mori poll together with the Interim Management Association for 2007 estimated the UK market alone to worth £1bn and growing. However, IEM is still greatly under utilised as there remains poor understanding of how Interims can fit into the wider resourcing strategy, along with the cost-benefits they bring.

We aim to foster a greater understanding of IEM.  We welcome our Client’s input.  If you have questions or comments about IEM don’t hesitate to contact us.  Only by continuously talking to our clients can we understand Management and HR concerns and continue to evolve Interim Executive Management as a viable and valuable solution to many of today’s business challenges.

For more information on IEM please see our extensive FAQs section.

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